Okoko Academy

Are you a skincare formulator, herbalist, esthetician or beauty entrepreneur looking to build and grow a successful (product based) beauty business & differentiate yourself?

Okoko Academy provides indie skincare business mentoring and customized coaching for motivated entrepreneurs who want to differentiate and set themselves apart. We equip indie beauty brands with the tools and mindset to transform their business from the inside out. Okoko Academy offers support for entrepreneurs because we know how difficult it can sometimes be in your skincare business. We help you to minimize frustrations, to decrease the stress of running your business, get you prepared for new opporunities, and to follow your passion and achieve your dreams.


One-on-one coaching and consulting. We provide consulting in product formulation/development, influencer reach, branding strategy and marketing. Our private coaching & consulting is designed for indie beauty brands who need a little bit of extra help to recognize and jump hurdles and break down common barriers in their business!


Our Indie Beauty Business Mastery program will teach you what you need to know to differentiate your beauty brand, attract good retailers and increase your product sales. You will learn how to create a desirable product line, how to set yourself apart & bring more cashflow into your business. We also teach you how to build a strong reputation, confidently communicate your product value to consumers and potential stockists & accelerate your success.

LAUNCH. BUILD. GROW (Beauty Founders series) Podcast

In this podcast, we interview entrepreneurs & beauty founders about their entrepreneurial journey, and what it took them to launch, build and grow their brands. Our goal is to create a supportive community and platform where everyone gains inspiration and insights into the beauty industry (and of course, collaborative support on this journey).


I am Oyéta. A researcher at heart, creative, resilient and a go-getter. I am a skincare entrepreneur, instructor and also the Founder & CEO of Okoko Cosmétiques. I am passionate about product development, innovation and designing exciting green luxury products for my discerning clients. I coach indie beauty creators to elevate their brand and improve their business.

I founded my brand back in 2016; it was my first business and first self-funded launch. Through hard work, determination and drive, I built and grew an international luxury skincare brand with worldwide customers, exclusive stockists, and an award-winning product line.

My own experience building a strong business (and its challenges) taught me a lot of valuable lessons from manufacturing and creating systems to practical formulation, marketing, how to work with stockists, how to get funding for your business and working with influencers, etc.

In my podcast, I share interviews with beauty founders and skincare entrepreneurs to where we discuss their experience launching, running and growing their brands to provide insights into the beauty industry and collaborative support on this journey. My other platform, the Connector, provides helpful information for natural cosmetics consumer and entrepreneurial insights.

"Oyéta is so generous with her knowledge which is extensive. She brings support and expertise and instinctively says what you need to hear. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to expand their business in a meaningful way"

- Kim Parenteau, Founder, Wild Grace

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    Why this program is unique?

    Okoko Academy provides support for a small group of driven entrepreneurs and creatives who have got what it takes: great ideas, a vision, the desire to put in the work and persevere. We help you to build a robust differentiation strategy that will be relevant and attractive to your customers.

    Discover below the added value and the difference Okoko Academy will make for you:

    • We are industry professionals who have built a successful beauty business & who understand the hardships of this journey
    • Practical information and advice you can apply right away to improve your business and increase your revenue
    • Develop a strong mindset and more confidence with your business
    • Limited number of seats
    • Opportunity for one-on-one engagement
    • Consultation, internship and mentorship offered
    • Networking with buyers in a world-wide market
    • A chance to pitch directly to select buyers and retailers and get stocked
    • Collaboration with professionals that offer content writing, product photography, and professional video production services to build a better brand experience for your customers

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    Founder of Malaya Organics

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    discover what buyers want to see

    Caroline, Founder of MonCorner share advice for brands who want to approach buyers, get stocked and increase their sales

    Interview with Pink Moon,
    Ethical Indie Beauty Business Consultant

    What to know and do before pitching retail (strategic feedback for indie brands)


    We are a pioneering skincare brand that empowers and uplifts other entrepreneurs by providing strategy, consultancy and mentorship for early and growth-stage skincare business start-ups. Additionally, Okoko offers networking opportunities with buyers to our most promising brands and graduates. Follow us on social media, join our private Facebook group and sign up to our mailing list to receive mindset tips, business strategies & insightful advice to accelerate your success.

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